Our Services – Alpha Property Management and Rentals, Inc.

Allow our firm to act as a buffer between you and your tenants, relieving you of the daily hassles involved in the management of your investment property.  Here are some of the key benefits you will receive with Alpha Property Management in charge of your rental properties:

Property Will be Advertised Locally and on the Internet 
.    QR code on signs connects prospective tenants driving by a property offered by our firm to our website
.    Optional easy access to our website online: Google “rentals Polk County”
.    Prospects can view an exterior photo of your investment property and photos of interior features
.    View/print an optional map from their current location
.    Ads run weekly in local papers and shoppers
.    Properties are listed on our website and other rental websites

Qualified Tenants Will be Found to Rent Your Property
.    Credit, background, and eviction records will be checked
.    References are obtained from past and present landlords, and employment and income will be verified
.    On the basis of the information listed above, our firm will assist you in determining whether tenant applicants are qualified

Rent Will be Collected

Property Will be Maintained at Owner’s Expense
.    Building maintenance internal and external
.    Lawn and trees as needed
.    Appliances
.    Plumbing and electrical

Owner Draws Will be Disbursed on the 4th Business Day After Deposit of Local Checks, as Well as a Monthly Report and Any Paid Invoices for Maintenance for Proof of Information in Your Income Tax Return

Tenants Will Make Service Requests and Inquiries Through Our Office, Thus Eliminating Call to Owner

Security Deposits Held in Our Trust Account for Your Convenience
.    Avoid opening and maintaining separate accounts

Periodic Property Inspection

Eviction Processes Will Be Initiated

An Annual Report and 1099 Will Be Provided for Preparation of Your Income Tax Return